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      Company brief
      Development process
      Company culture
      Certificate of honor
      Company culture  

      Enterprise Spirit: United and Strive

      Our Aims: strong innovation, according to the needs of the customers, continuously improve quality standard, improve product durability, to provide the community with quality products, technology and service, and guarantee the welfare of all the staff, create value for customers at the same time, their own good development.

      Management Tenet: quality is the market, innovation is the development

      Enterprise value: people-oriented enterprise values play the importance to track all kinds of information, the proper use of information and resources, and promote the improvement of productivity and economic rapid development.

      Business Policy: Being realistic, innovation

      Enterprise slogan: the requirements of our customers, is our pursuit, powerful and you create a brilliant.

      Our faith: Being United, Team work, consecration, striving

      Professional development, production, sales automotive bearings, general motors and appliances bearing bearing
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